The Gold Front Story

Gold Front is a privately owned Thoroughbred breeding, sales and agistment facility; spread over 300 acres of prime land just south of Gingin, Western Australia.

As we have always loved horses, we wanted to share our passion for breeding and racing and all this exciting industry had to offer, but we just had to wait for the right time!

A few years ago we sold our successful drilling company, and that paved the way for our investment into Gold Front.

Alan felt that he was too young to retire and to his way of thinking, there was no better way to stay active than to become involved in the breeding of thoroughbreds.

Since then we have developed Gold Front Thoroughbreds into a state of the art thoroughbred complex, highlighted with the largest stabling complex in Australia with 48 fully serviceable stables under one roof.

    From its humble beginnings, we are very proud of the property and what it has become and offers to ensure the welfare and enjoyment of all of our horses and exceptional Gold Front team.

    We hope to see you at one of our events, either on the track or at Gingin for a visit!